More Things I Like

So many times, I come across products, services, or just cool stuff that I want to share with others. I could do that via social media but I also like to keep a record of what I shared and I decided my site is the best place for such stuff.

Up front: I do receive an affiliate fee for some or most of the links on this page. If I don’t, I’ll let you know that too.

If you’ve seen my homepage, you know I design t-shirts on the side. It’s a decent side gig and it keeps me in pad thai and the occasional movie. You can find my most recent collection (the 2017 collection, as I jokingly refer to it) on SunFrog, a great website for t-shirts, mugs, and more. Check out their licensed Marvel and Star Wars shirts! If you’re looking for more recent Star Wars t-shirt designs, I highly recommend Design By Humans. Their Star Wars: The Last Jedi designs are awesome.

I also sell a few t-shirts on Amazon. Here’s one design about cassettes. And here’s another design about Bitcoin, a recent passion of mine.

When I’m not designing t-shirts or doing content strategy work, I love to read. If I can combine interests with my reading, all the better. For instance, I just finished The Content Strategist’s Toolkit by Meghan Casey. Highly recommended. If you’re a content strategist, new or old, or you just want to know exactly what content strategy involves, Meghan’s book is your starting point.

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