Two decades of experience. A lifetime of caffeine.

As the tagline above indicates, I work in content. I plan content, design content, and manage content.

I help companies do content better — and I’ve done so for nearly 20 years.

I also teach and consult, as time permits. And when I’m not doing any of these things, I create and sell t-shirt designs. Here are some of them:

Roasted and Toasted S'mores

You can learn more about me at LinkedIn. I even wrote a few posts there.

I have a company website, but it’s undergoing an overhaul. It’s called Contentarama.

Let’s correspond, shall we? 

Twitter: @seeturner | Email: chris at seeturner dot net

Things I like

I like to share things that I believe are either revolutionary, life-changing, or time-saving. Whenever someone asks me, “Hey, Chris, what’s something revolutionary, life-changing, or time-saving?” I always tell them about TextExpander.

If you deal in content, TextExpander is a must-have tool for your content toolbox, toolkit, or arsenal (depending on how you perceive your content-related tools). It follows the CORE adage of Create Once Repeat Everywhere. Learn more about how TextExpander can streamline your content or your content team’s workflow at Smile Software’s website. Plus, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Full disclosure: I love the app so much I became an affiliate for Smile Software, which is why I’m promoting them and TextExpander here.

You can learn more about other things I like, recommend, or promote on my More Things I Like page.